Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer 10,000 Sq Ft

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Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer 10,000 Sq Ft


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Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer Phosphate Free-31.2 Lb

Turf Trust is a premium, professional lawn fertilizer, uniquely implemented with a chemical compound named Crotonylene Diurea, or CDU, to create a strong, healthy lawn.

  • Feeds lawns for 12-14 weeks
  • Great for sunny and shady lawns
  • High in water insoluble nitrogen - maximizing the long-term effects of the fertilizer
  • 12% Potassium implements good root development and cell wall growth
  • Feeds slowly - less mowing!

Turf Trust Fertilizer uses CDU, which will help prevent summer lawn diseases, such as brown patch. It is recommended that Turf Trust be applied four times a year - once in early spring, summer, early fall and again in late fall.


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