Tupersan Crabgrass Control-20 Lb

Tupersan Crabgrass Control-20 Lb


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Lebanon's Tupersan Crabgrass Control to prevent crabgrass from emerging. Tupersan can be used when applying grass seeds and is the only crabgrass preventer that can be used when seeding.

Tupersan Crabgrass Control does not contain any fertilizer. Tupersan can be applied in the Spring or Summer. Tupersan will not hurt existing grass, new grass, flowers, shrubs, trees and vegetables.

Tupersan should be applied in the late Spring and again in mid Summer for effective control of crabgrass the entire year.

Tupersan is safe to use with the following types of grasses: Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Rye-grass, Smooth Bromegrass, Orchard-grass, Reed Canary-grass, Zoysiagrass. Tupersan can be used on the following varieties of Bent-grass: Penn-cross, Seaside, Highland, Astoria, Nimisila, C-1, C-7 and C-19.

Weeds Controlled By Tupersan: Smooth Crabgrass, Large Crabgrass, Foxtail, Downy Brome, Barnyard-grass.

Contains 20 Lbs
Covers 5,000 sq ft Established Lawns
Covers 10,000 sq ft New Lawns

Active Ingredient: Tupersan (Siduron) 4.6%

*Do not use Tupersan on Bermuda-grass lawns


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