Animal Repellent-2.5 Lb

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Animal Repellent-2.5 Lb


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I Must Garden Animal Repellent is an environmentally safe, humane, and effective way to drive herbivores away and keep them out of treated areas. The odor of our Granular Animal Repellent triggers an innate fear response causing deer, rabbits and groundhogs to avoid treated areas. It does not harm them, but leads them to believe a predator is nearby. Instinctively, they flee the area to avoid becoming the next victim.

Convenient Alternative

I Must Garden Granular Repellent may be applied during wet, drizzly days or during freezing cold temperatures when spraying is not an option. I Must Garden Granular Repellent is also an excellent option for fast growing plants that may require frequent application with spray repellents. Our Granular Repellent is also ideal for low-growing bedding plants that both rabbit and deer enjoy. In addition, to repelling animals, the ingredients have fertilizing attributes contributing to the health of your plants.

How it Works

  • Repels deer, rabbits and groundhogs by fear and smell
  • Broadcast repellent in areas you want protected
  • Natural oils provide long lasting protection and rain resistance


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