Outdoor Smart Home Technologies

The future is here!

Computers have made their way into every aspect of life imaginable. It should come as no surprise that Smart technologies can be used to add interactivity and convenience to your outdoor living spaces, as well. You can use them to pipe music through your home, to control the lights with your voice, to water your plants at the perfect time, and to keep your family safe and secure. At Outdoor Showplace, we’ve embraced these technologies. Everything we do revolves around a single concept ? Smart Living.

A Place to Try New Technologies

In our space, you can try out an exhaustive array of Smart Home technologies and decide which ones are must-haves and which aren’t for you. These devices are built right into our custom hardscapes so that they perform just like they would in your backyard. Where else can you try out lighting and entertainment systems in an outdoor environment? Come relax in our outdoor utopia and take home the technologies you can’t live without!

Smart Lighting

Outdoor lighting can add functionality, convenience, security, or decorative accents to your home. The best thing about all the smart lighting options at Outdoor Showplace is that you can experience them in a real-world setting. Explore bulbs, switches, fixtures, and integrated systems to decide which options are right for your needs. Discover Wi-Fi-enabled, color-changing, voice-controlled, and weather-rated lighting. Combine gorgeous outdoor fixtures from Kichler with smart lighting control by Lutron. Our team can help you choose a platform so that you’re not working with an array of mismatched elements. We’ll help you integrate smart lighting throughout your space so that it’s aesthetically pleasing and functional, with all the features you need.

Smart Irrigation

Landscape irrigation is a primary source of water consumption and waste in the United States. Overwatering exacerbates this problem and does nothing to improve our trees and lawns. Smart irrigation transforms watering from a manual task to an automated one that responds to real-time landscape needs. Some Smart irrigation controllers have the capability to measure on-site conditions and adjust timing and amounts to avoid over- or under-watering. For example, the Rachio smart watering system brings together smart sprinkler control, wireless leak detection and powerful Smartphone app technology in one easy-to-use solution. You can set it once and forget it, and the system will optimize itself. Choose from weather-based controllers, soil moisture sensors, or simpler, more affordable programmable irrigation systems. They’ll help you save on resources as well as your utility bills.


When you’ve invested in your outdoor space and added premium features, it only makes sense to extend your home security to protect those investments. Smart Home technologies — like the popular Nest outdoor cameras and video doorbell — make it easier than ever to integrate security features into your property wherever you need them. Outdoor Showplace carries an array of Smart cameras, doorbells, and motion lights that can be incorporated into an existing security system or installed independently. Our designers can help you plan these elements into your landscape for the best possible appearance, convenience, and peace of mind.


Watch the game from the grill or fire pit, or keep the kids entertained while you socialize. Anything you can do indoors, we can do outdoors at Showplace. Check out several scenarios to decide whether a specialized SunBrite outdoor TV is your best bet, or if you can get away with a standard TV using an enclosure or dust cover. Most importantly, we’ll help you solve the dreaded glare problem that threatens your enjoyment of your outdoor entertainment. Another factor we’ll help you consider is the pesky but critical integration of cable and power. Like all the other smart-living technologies at Outdoor Showplace, TVs and displays can be Wi-Fi enabled and controlled remotely.


Don’t forget the audio! We’ve installed a range of speakers and sound systems throughout the Showplace for your listening pleasure. Sonance all-weather speakers can be used on their own or combined with Smart TVs (and the hardware to protect them from the elements) to create the ultimate outdoor home theater. We use Sonos to create wireless whole-home sound systems. It works with Amazon’s Alexa and features exceptional-quality speakers for music, movies, games, and anything else you could want to pipe into your outdoor paradise. These systems also work seamlessly with an array of streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and SiriusXM Radio.

Voice Activation

Control over all your Smart Home technologies is really where the magic happens. While many disparate technologies can be controlled via Smartphone apps or using voice commands, centralized solutions like Google Connect bring all the elements together for a result that’s more than the sum of its parts. With all technologies properly synched, you can ask Google (out loud) to water the plants, dim the lights, load up a playlist, check the weather, or arm the security system. With new compatibilities and integrations being introduced every day, the possibilities for your outdoor space are limited only by your imagination!

Ready to explore?

It only makes sense that homeowners would want to try before they buy these Smart Home technologies, but few retailers offer the option. At Outdoor Showplace, you’ll encounter these outdoor products where they’re meant to be – outdoors! If you want to see, hear, and experience these options before integrating them into your home, there’s just one shopping destination for you, and you?ll find it just off Route 1, on Washington Street in Dumfries, Virginia.

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