Discover Experiential Retail

Store after store and mall after mall?are closing, and we understand why. The retail landscape is changing, and nothing boring will survive.

Who wants to drive to a store just to pick up a product, purchase it, and take it back home. That?s just DIY product delivery, and getting products home can cheaply and easily be outsourced. When shopping is just about procuring goods, it can and will be done from the comfort of the customer?s own home. The future of retail is going to take more ? a lot more.

The Future of Retail is Experience

Some of the biggest brands in the world have learned how to survive in the retail space. They?ve proven that, for retail spaces to thrive, they need to deliver an experience that goes beyond shopping. They need to engage, entertain, and educate. The future is called experiential retail, and If you live in Northern Virginia, you don?t have to travel to New York or London to find it. Just off of Route 1 in Dumfries, you?ll find a one-acre space that fully qualifies as retailtainment. Outdoor Showplace delivers a shopping experience unlike anything you?ve seen before. We promise that our fully interactive spaces, kids? activities, pizza parties, and special events will make it well worth the drive.

Step into the Future

We built Outdoor Showplace to be part of the future. It?s the evolution of the garden store, a metamorphosis from rows of plants and products into an immersive entertaining environment ? dozens of them, actually. It brings together everything you could possibly need to make your outdoor-living dreams a reality, and brings those elements to life inside authentic custom-built patios, kitchens, and decks. It makes choosing the elements of your outdoor space easier, more exciting, and more efficient than ever before. Best of all, it puts the power over every purchasing decision in your hands.

Perfect for Outdoor Living Projects

The problem with a traditional landscaping approach is that it leaves a disconnect between the homeowner and material selection. We wanted homeowners to be able to see, feel, and kick the tires on every material option available to them. Instead of choosing your stone or pavers from a catalog and requesting a few samples, at Outdoor Showplace, you can see the colors in person, sit on a retaining wall, and run your fingers over the texture of hundreds of materials.

And that?s just the foundation. Outdoor Showplace offers everything you need to plan and build your custom outdoor space ? including a pre-vetted network of experienced contractors ? but we also have everything to outfit that space when it?s complete. We?re talking furniture, plants, umbrellas, fountains, fire pits, appliances, sound systems, lighting, gaming tables, fireplaces, statues, pillows. You name it, you?ll find it out of the box and in action at Outdoor Showplace.

Sound like a lot?

There?s so much to consider, but it all makes sense when you see it in person. Just come for a visit! Watch our calendar for the kind of event you would enjoy, then come relax and take in the programming. Treat our showplace like a friend?s house. You can get a feel for all the options and get a taste for your preferences so that, should you envision an outdoor project down the road, you?ll know just what to look for.

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