Customer Service at Outdoor Showplace

Have you ever tried to get help at a big-box home improvement store?

It’s not the type of thing that restores your faith in humanity. Unfortunately, the personnel at these retailers are far more specialized in sales than in the products they’re selling. At Outdoor Showplace, you’ll find a team of people devoted to helping homeowners achieve healthy plants and incredible outdoor spaces. When you come here, you won’t leave with unanswered questions. You’ll get knowledge, expertise, and personal focus. It’s all part of our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Empowering the customer

The number one thing to know about Outdoor Showplace is that we’re here for you. This place was created to give homeowners more control over the purchasing process and to enable better decision-making for outdoor projects. When you can see and feel products firsthand and in true-to-life scenarios, it’s a lot easier to tell whether they perform like you need them to. We’re taking the mystery out of buying materials and outdoor technologies. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions. We’re here to help you get the absolute most out of your existing or future outdoor living space.

Product & Material Knowledge

We don’t stock every brand on the market, and we never will. It’s not that we don’t want to give customers a wide array of choices. It’s that we want to extend to you the highest-quality, best-value-for-your-money products available. If you see it at Showplace, we’ve had experience with it. Our team is up to date on our products and fully capable of discussing the features and best applications of the items we offer. We have reasons for choosing these brands and products, and we’re happy to share those reasons with you.

Plant People

The creators of Outdoor Showplace (they’re brothers) have spent their entire lives in the nursery and landscaping business. They grew up at Dumfries Nursery, the family business and garden center formerly located on this site. It’s safe to say they’re bona fide plant people, and that quality is consistent among the staff at Outdoor Showplace. We know plants – how and where they thrive, how they should be combined, and how to keep them alive. We’re here to help our customers choose plants wisely and integrate them into landscapes for maximum aesthetic appeal and enjoyment.

Proven Contractor Network

Building custom hardscapes is a big part of what happens at Outdoor Showplace. To help Northern Virginia homeowners achieve spectacular outdoor spaces, we’ve created a Contractor Network the likes of which has never been seen before. Our customers can come to Showplace with a vision and leave with a connection to a contractor in whom they can have complete confidence. Our exclusive Contractor Network admits just one contractor per specialization and geographic area at a time. Those who are invited are thoroughly vetted by Outdoor Showplace and evaluated throughout the year to ensure consistent quality. These contractors have access to all sorts of resources at Outdoor Showplace that makes working with them easy and convenient for our customers. If you have an outdoor project in mind, you should check it out!

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